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1 October 2016 MAJOR update of the 'your pictures" gallery.
9 March 2016: updated the 'your pictures' gallery.
30 Nov 2015: GOLD series now consists of:
1. Beaufighter Mk.X,
2. Spitfire Mk.XIVe,
3. J2F 'Duck',
4. Fw189,
5. Beaufort Mk.II and Mk.VIII (no decals yet),
6. Spitfire Mk.VIII Wargamer only,
7. Dornier 17Z,
7a. Dornier 17P,
8. E14Y1 'Glen',
9. Arado 196A,
10. Polikarpov I-16 Wargamer only,
11. Blenheim Mk.I and Mk.IV (no decals yet),
11a. 1/200 scale Blenheim Mk.I and Mk.IV 'wargamer' kits (no decals),
12. Wellington Mk.III/Mk.X (available in wargamer and full Gold version),
13. Fokker G1 (available in wargamer and full Gold version),
14. Walrus Mk.II (available in wargamer and full Gold version),

22 May 2015 Updated the 'your images' (Gallery) page and the Anigrand page.
31 Jan 2015 Updated the Blenheim Page and the Anigrand page with more pictures.
6 Oct 2014 updated the 'your images' page.
14 Sep 2014 Tentative decal list for Beaufort updated on it's page.
27 July 2104 Basic Fokker G1 Wargamer version upgraded to Gold version.
20 July 2014 Wellington NOW available. Updated Links page with various WW2 colour references for various airforces.
25 June 2014 Wellington page updated with pictures and info.
20 June 2014 corrected the Fokker G1 decals picture and their description.
20 May 2014 updated the Wellington page.

23 Nov 2013 updated the gallery pages with some new pictures sent to me. Also, updated the Gold series list as below.
24 Nov 2012: Anigrand Bonus kits listing page added.
12 Oct 2013: Gallery pictures updated. RLM comparison Charts updated (in Links section)..
5 Nov 2012: NEW pricing structure see front page (updated 23 Nov 2013).
7 Sep 2012: Added I-16 page details to follow, updated Spitfire Mk.VIII page
8 JULY 2012: Beaufort page updated with more pictures and Blenheim page added.
12 May 2012: Gallery pictures updated. RLM comparison Charts updated (in Links section).
16 Apr 2012: Gallery pictures updated.
26 Mar 2012: Updated gallery pictures and added Dornier 17P page.
6 Jan 2012: Both Arado 196 and E14Y1 Glen are now upgaded to GOLD series standard. See their pages for pictures and details.
3 Dec 2011: Dornier 17z and Fw189 pages updated with photos.

23 Oct 2011: Updated the Fw189, Misc, Spitfire Mk.VIII and Beaufort pages as well as revised prices on 'Wargamer' models and the Gold series planes.
4 Sep 2011: Added pages for upcoming NEW GOLD series planes (Beaufort Mk.II/Mk.VIII, Spitfire Mk.VIII and Dornier 17Z). Added conversion set to the Misc page for the Junkers 188.
28 July 2011: Added pictures of Laser-cut Radar aerials on models in 'Parts' section. Also added some pictures to the 'Your Pictures' gallery.
11 May 2011: Updated the Beaufighter and Spitfire pages with decal list. Also added pictures to the J2F Duck page. J2F Duck next Gold Series plane and just needs decals. Fw189 will be fourth Gold Series and just needs a new mold made.

10 April 2011: Added the Misc page for conversion sets and accessories.
13 Nov 2010: Beaufighter and Gallery pages updated with more pics.
3 Sep 2010: Links page updated. New pictures on Beaufighter page along with more info. New pictures on Spitfire page. Working with resin hints added to main page.
1 August 2010: New decals for Vengeance available.
18 April 2010: Dornier 26 page updated with new photos and New decals available for it.
22 Mar 2010: New pictures on Arado 196 and Beaufighter pages. New decals available for Arado 196.
29 Nov 09: Heinkel He-115 page updated with new pics.
17 Nov 09: New pricing for decals. Decals can now be purchased on a per aircraft basis for A$2 each OR the whole sheet can be bought (as before). Price for whole sheet is listed in individual listings.
17 Nov 09: New ALPS decals for the Heinkel He-115.
Updated 17 Nov 09 Hosted in the LINKS section is my compilation of Tamiya and Humbrol Paints (from more than 13 different sources) for matching to various WW2 colours from RLM, French, Italian, RAF/FAA and the USA. When clicking on the link it will open in your browser and then you need to save it to your computer and then click the back button to get back to this website.
17 Nov 09: NEW a comparison chart of RLM colour chips (from Merrick) with Testors, Humbrol, Tamiya and JPS best matches from the above Excel suggestions is now also in the links section. It opens as a JPG picture and can be saved to your computer.
20 Aug 09: New ALPS decals for the Kingfisher.
12 Aug 09: Fixed Guestbook so it works! Just follow the link. And added a new poll about a new GOLD Series Spitfire plane. 
1 August 09: ANNOUNCE the introduction of the 'GOLD SERIES' of highly detailed and accurate model kits. Designed by 3D CAD and masters made by CNC milling. Look for the buttons with GOLD around them. The Beaufighter will be the first and will be available soon. 
10 July 09: White metal parts availability for most models added. Added NEWS ticker tape. 
6 June 09: Added updated pictures to Ha139 page and updated Gallery page. 
11 May 09: Added a Gallery page for YOUR pictures of your completed Peter's planes models. 
22 Mar 09: Added Poll for future models, added a link to Don Snhmenk. 
19 Mar 09: Added Vultee Vengeance A-35B page, available soon. 
27 Feb 09: Fixed some Walrus images not showing up. 
21 Feb 09: Added Dornier 15 (Wal) and Dornier 26 to Inventory.  Updated the He-119 page with NEW photos and NEW decals.
1 Feb 09: Updated model pages with details of the decals that come with them.
4 Jan 09: Updated Walrus page with NEW photos and NEW decals being available
29 Dec 08: Updated E14Y1 Glen page with NEW decals being available and fresh photos
7 Dec 08: Added Guestbook page
8 Nov 08: Added page for Fw-189 and this page
7 Nov 08: Website under ongoing construction and improvements
1 Nov 08: This site becomes live!


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