Who am I ?


I became involved in starting making resin planes in 1/144 scale as a member of
the Big Gun Combat warships here in Australia (www.ausbg.org)
 when I could not find a 1/144 scale Arado 196 to put on one of my ships.
And after making one some of the other club members also wanted various
planes for their ships and it grew from there.
I am particularly interested in flyingboats, seaplanes and floatplanes
but virtually any 'interesting' plane (such as the Fokker G-1) is attractive to me
and a likely contender to be cast more so if it has not been done by anyone else in 1/144.


Please note that I do this between working a full-time job as well as a family life.
This means that it may take up to a week or so for me to get a cast made so please keep in contact by email.
My thanks to Olivier De laPlace (olivierdelaplace@club-internet.fr) for starting this website for me (he also did Creation Chaubet website and hence the similarity).
Also thanks to Greg O'connell for designing the decals and schemes for the planes (Resin8).